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It adopts non-slip bottom cloth to achieve the seat covers willnt move in;The international cutting technolog can ensure the comfort of seat covers;Perfect fit and easier to set We also bet it will become a Surprised gift for your family,friends,boyfriend and so on

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F150&F250&F350 Seat Covers

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Silverado&Sierra&Colorado&GMC Canyon&Equinox&...


Silverado&Sierra&Colorado&Equinox Seat Covers...

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Dodge Ram

RAM 1500&2500&3500

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Tacoma&Tundra Seat Covers

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Forester&Outback Seat covers

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Cherokee&Compass&Wrangler Rubicon&Renegade


Cherokee&Compass&Wrangler Rubicon&Renegade Custom seat covers

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Nissan custom seat cover


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Frequently Asked Questions

How is the install?

If you're having trouble installing, there's a great video for you to watch that will make the installation even easier.

What if my vehicle is not listed?

If your car is not currently listed as compatible on our website, please send us an email with the year, make, and model of your vehicle. Our design team is always working on expanding our product line to fit a wider range of vehicles, and we will keep you informed of any updates regarding your vehicle's compatibility.

Are the seat covers a custom or universal fit?

Completely custom-made for your model

Are your seat covers pet-friendly?

Our Seat Cover Solutions seat covers are an ideal choice for pet owners. They are designed with high-quality, durable materials that resist claw marks and pet hair, ensuring to withstand your pet's adventure, while making cleaning an effortless task.
Moreover, they provide a comfortable surface for your pets to relax during car rides, making our seat covers an all-around pet- friendly solution for your vehicle.

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Easy to clean?

Yes,For example,The back was covered in mud and salt from my dog being out in snow and mud and simply cleaned right off and looks brand new again with an interior cleaner! Loveeee it so much....

Best gift for your family?

hhh,when i got it,my hubby like it,They made my Car look and feel new.Very attractive.Fit my like a glove.

About us


when I founded Seat Cover Solutions, my goal was to deliver first-class product quality. For five years, I worked on perfecting the technology, but I quickly realized that the products available on the market simply couldn't meet my needs. Eager for better quality, I have developed a variety of seat cover designs that are not only visually stunning, but also offer better protection. Positive feedback from our customers encouraged me to expand our product offerings to a wider audience. It was then that I decided to launch our online store, Luckyman Club, to let more people experience our high-quality seat covers. I am truly grateful for the warm response we have received, and I remain committed to meeting the needs of our important customers in an honest and truthful manner.


Station products for models customized artificial leather car seat cover, non-original accessories may make your product lose the original efficacy, this site is not responsible, do not shoot if you do not like. But we will try to help deal with the aftermath.

General order processing time is about 3 days, special requirements of customized products order processing time is 7 days

In our overseas warehouse products have a small amount of stock, can be issued from the warehouse, generally a week or so can receive the goods

If the overseas warehouse does not have the spot stock, generally we ship from China to your hand, generally in 13 days can receive the goods

It can be delivered throughout the United States, except where express delivery can not reach it

There is no tariff or freight tax on any product
Note: For items shipped from China, there will be no tracking information for 7days after the tracking number is provided, only after the item arrives at the U.S. port and is delivered to the courier company (UPS and FedEx) will there be logistic information, if you see no logistic information for 15 days, please contact us to track the shipment!

The mall can be requested by the buyer on behalf of the relevant transportation procedures, but our responsibility and obligation is limited to the delivery of the courier accident to assist the buyer to query, does not undertake any logistics to provide customers with compensation outside, all inquiries and claims are in accordance with the provisions of the courier for handling. The buyer shall not claim compensation before the expiration of the whole period of inquiry by express. Remind the buyer must verify the detailed address of the consignment and the consignee's phone number, do not provide a letter e-mail address, so as not to delay delivery. Any shopping in this mall, are regarded as such as agree to this statement.

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